Warmly celebrate our company has signed 200 millions syringes contract to U.S!

Warmly celebrate our company, SHANGHAI TEAMSTAND CORPORATION, has signed 200 millions syringes contract to U.S!
Huge thanks for the trust from our clients, we'll ensure the product quality manufacturing and delivering on time.
It's really our honor to contribute our strength to global vaccine roll out, fighting COVID-19 pandemic and building a community of shared future for mankind.
Analysis of sales scale of global medical device market in 2017

Medical device industry is a multi-disciplinary, technology intensive industry. The interdisciplinary is reflected in its involvement in polymer materials, life science, clinical medicine and other disciplines; the technology intensive is reflected in its production technology involving the common use of medicine, machinery, materials and other technologies, which is a typical high-tech industry. Because it is related to human life and health, is an important part of the construction of medical and health system, has a high strategic position.
China attaches great importance to the localization of high-end medical devices

At this year's two sessions, Wu Mingjiang, member of the CPPCC National Committee and former vice president of the Chinese Medical Association, submitted a proposal to "comprehensively promote the promotion, innovation and development of medical devices in China". The proposal puts forward some suggestions on the basic research of medical devices, the construction of standard system, the effective combination of production and demand, and the encouragement of the development of domestic medical devices.
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